Employment Opportunities

Position: Full Time Special Education Teacher in Milton GA 30009

Five years ago we realized that our son wasn’t getting the education he required. We knew what worked and what didn’t but couldn’t find a school setting that offered what we desired. So we built it ourselves. Cornerstone Preparatory School for Therapeutic Education is a professional home school environment with a familial feel where we believe overlap between academics and therapies are critical to the child’s success. 

Our team of master level professionals, including an OT and SLP,  individualize the education experience to meet the speech language, academic, social emotional, fine motor, gross motor, and sensory processing goals of each student. Working closely together and pushing in skills from all domains throughout the day, allows our team to deliver a whole body learning experience to our students. 

As the success of our program is built upon collaboration and the skill set of our highly trained teachers and therapists, we insist on hiring professionals who come to the table prepared to share and learn from each other. 


  • The special education teacher at Cornerstone Preparatory School must have the ability to administer and score educational achievement assessments as well as develop short and long term academic, vocational and behavior goals. 
  • Write post assessment testing reports and meet with parents to discuss their children’s progress and to determine priorities for their children and their individualized educational needs. 
  • The special education teacher is also responsible for curriculum development as well as creating differentiated lesson plans for up to four elementary age special needs students of a variety of skills and abilities. These plans should include whole group, small group and individual instruction. 
  • Assist in collection of data for providing appropriate classroom interventions.
  • Strong knowledge of behavior analysis, development and implementation of  behavior intervention plans are a must. 
  • Establish and enforce firm boundaries for behavior and procedures for maintaining an environment conducive to learning while using a positive approach. 
  • The person in this position is also responsible for the organization and management of the classroom. 
  • Innovative, high energy, positive attitude, out of the box thinker
  • Demonstrate prompt and regular attendance.
  • Clean driving record – MVR required. Driving required for weekly community outings. 
  • Voluntary background check required. 
Skills and Qualifications
  • Masters degree in special education is required. 
  • Middle School and vocational skills experience is a plus.
  • Certification/License Required: Valid Georgia Teaching Certificate in Special Education General Curriculum
  • Minimum 5 years successful special education teaching experience in classroom setting.
  • Hours are 7:30-3:00 Monday-Friday which includes 1.5 hours of planning per day.  
  • We offer competitive compensation based on level of education and experience, health benefit reimbursement and partial or complete reimbursement of CEUs. 

Please send resume to erika.gummels@cornerstoneprepschool.com

Position: Part Time Substitute Teacher in Milton GA 30009

The substitute teacher is responsible for providing classroom instruction (individual and whole group), monitoring student work, supervising students, preparing materials and maintaining classroom management in the absence of the teacher. Substitute teacher will also assist therapist(s) in providing extra support to students with special needs; promoting maximum academic and personal growth. The ability to work cooperatively, to lead, and to follow are competencies that are beneficial in this capacity.

  • Professional Practices:
    • Follow professional practices consistent with school policies in working with students, student records, parents, and colleagues.
    • Demonstrate punctuality and flexibility.
    • Take precautions to protect records, equipment, materials, and facilities.
    • Maintain student confidentiality.
    • Interact in a professional manner with students and parents.
    • Cooperate with the staff and support the development of activities and goals of the school.
    • Assume responsibility for supervising students in out-of-class settings.
    • Ensure safe travel of students within the school environment and on study trips.
  • Educational Level: Bachelor Degree required; a major in specific content area posted is a plus.
  • License and Certification Qualifications: Possession of a valid or expired professional teaching certificate (or letter of eligibility of same).
  • Experience Qualifications: Previous successful teaching experience or substitute teaching experience preferred.
  • Hours: 8:00 – 3:00
  • Compensation: $175 a day

Please send resume to erika.gummels@cornerstoneprepschool.com