Weeks of September 1st – September 15th

In math we have been learning about shapes and geometry. We completed many activities to explore shapes in different ways over the course of the unit. In OT, we copied pictures using shapes, used popsicle sticks to create shapes and drew pictures using shapes to target perceptual-motor skills. We also scanned the environment to locate shapes. Wyatt even noticed that his rectangular sandwich put together made a square! Ms. Ansley worked on positional concepts using shapes, and to follow directions.

During Academics we looked at the shapes and described similarities and differences between them such as sizes, number of sides / corners, and other attributes (having sides of equal length). We practiced modeling shapes by using different components such as play-doh, toothpicks, crayons, links and jewels. They used the links and jewels to follow the outline of the shape on paper and then they were given play-doh and toothpicks to create something 3D.  W used triangles and squares to make a boat house and AC made a triangle, square and rhombus out of her play-doh and toothpicks.

This whole week in reading we have been working on activities relating to the story “Three Billy Goats Gruff”. We started off the week listening to the story and talking about the characters, setting, problem and solution. We also read the story, sequenced the events that happened, re-enacted the story and made a 3-D craft. Acting out the story was so much fun – even the teachers got involved! The collaboration between our team (teacher and therapists) was helpful while creating fun and engaging activities for this story!



We enjoyed a pizza day at CPS! We read a Raz-Kids book online about how to make a pizza. We then sequenced the steps to make a pizza and used dramatic play manipulatives. After that we headed to the grocery store where we found ingredients to make our own pizzas at school. We were also able to go to a local pizza restaurant and watch pizzas be made. We were even given our own dough to explore and play with. Lastly we made our own pizza for lunch! Other therapeutic and academic tasks were executed to reinforce skills such as sight words, scanning/tracking and fine motor development.

We have been learning about leadership traits in social studies and have wrapped up on unit on respect. Over the past few weeks we have read many books about how to show respect to ourselves, the community and others. In OT we generated a paragraph about respect. We answered questions about what respect is, how we show it, why we show respect and who we may show respect to. Students typed a paragraph and presented it to the class. We also traced our bodies and talked about self-respect. When students are caught being respectful, teachers give them a respect card that states how they were caught being respectful. The children really love these cards that help boost both self esteem and awareness.  The respect acts are also placed on the cut-out of their bodies to remind, encourage and reinforce respectful acts. Lastly, we made a collage of photos that depict respectful and disrespectful actions.

 We celebrated AC’s birthday this month! Our group enjoyed a lunch outing to AC’s choice of Chinese and sushi! We sang happy birthday at the restaurant and AC enjoyed a sweet treat! At school, we had a birthday party where we gave AC her birthday presents and ate cupcakes. YUM!

During individual occupational therapy students at CPS are working toward independence in self-care skills, such as manipulating fasteners, tying shoes, and dressing. Dressing boards are other fine motor tools are utilized to promote these skills. Students are also working on recall of personal information.  A variety of multi-sensory methods are used to reinforce and memorize information such as address and phone number.