Please click the link below to download the application for admissions.

CPS Admissions Application

  1. Please be sure you have spoken with and or visited the homeschool prior to applying for admissions.
  2. Application is to be completed by parent or guardian. (All information is confidential). Please send the applicant’s current educational records, IEP, educational psychological evaluation, any recent therapy notes, etc to CPS prior to interview.
  3. We would appreciate having test results or any information your physician and or specialists might wish to send us.
  4. Please include a picture of your child with your application.
  5. Please include a copy of the front & back of your child’s health insurance card.
  6. Both Parents/Guardians must sign the application.
  7. A $150 non refundable deposit is required. Please make checks payable to Cornerstone Prep School and mail to 1740 Providence Farms Lane Milton GA 30009. You may also Venmo your application payment to Erika-Gummels (purple hydrangea).