Social Super Heroes!

Whoo Hoo! The boys have graduated from super social detectives and are now learning how to be super social heroes! Superflex is the name of the lovable superhero character in the superhero social thinking curriculum who teaches kids they have a superhero inside their own brains (who looks just like they do). Superflex is helping them learn about their own and others’ thoughts and behaviors, strengthening their flexible thinking, and giving them strategies to self-regulate in challenging times. They’ve been introduced to villains such as Rock Brain, Grump Grumpaniny, One Side Sid and Mean Jean and are working to recognize when these villains are taking over their emotions and how to combat them or when they are faced with these villains in other people and how to address them. Below the boys received their honorary capes and “brains”, which they thought was super silly! To learn more about the Superflex program click here.