Week of April 16th – April 20th

We are currently learning the “-ack” word family. We used the stamps and ink pads to sound out and sequence the words to spell them correctly. There was an emphasis to stamp the letters on the line for improved motor control and accuracy with fine motor tasks. Smaller stamps were utilized to promote a pincer grasp and strength. The stamp pads are a fun, multi-sensory approach to spelling.

This week our focus in math is learning how to compare numbers by using words like ‘more’ and ‘less’.  AC and W had to stack up the correct number of blue and yellow legos and discuss which one had ‘more’ and which one had ‘less’.  This type of tactile learning is a great way for them to learn how to compare numbers and who doesn’t love legos?

This week in social studies we continued to learn about maps. We made a map of the classroom using spatial concepts, such as front, middle and back. We located these parts of the classroom and then created a map of items within the room. Kinesthetic learning engages in learning through gross motor skills/physical activities. In this activity kinesthetic learning reinforces the spatial concepts. For example, locating the card that is in the middle of the classroom helps the student identify that the rug is in the center of the room.

We also learned about the globe! We explored the globe identifying parts of the globe such as the compass rose and equator. We also identified land, including the 7 continents and the oceans. Stickers were used to mark these areas on the globe.

Landforms were also taught this week. We played a game reading clues that described various landforms and identified it. We built a 3D mosaic landform model with many of the landforms introduced this week. This was such a fun a craft that also targeted following directions, copying from a model and fine motor development.