Week of April 23rd – April 27th

Spring is in air at CPS! We have been busy with OT assessment testing this week but managed to squeeze in some fun activities. We have been learning about seeds and plants in science. W & AC completed different tasks to learn about things that grow. They also celebrated Earth Day by planting marigolds and petunias outside. We look forward to seeing the flowers bloom!

We also completed a “parts of plant” wheel, learning about the stem, petals and leaves.  Fine motor development was addressed to cut and use a brad (bimanual coordination and strength) to put it together. 

We read a Scholastic News that discussed different types of seeds we see in the world – we learned that there are tiny seeds, like Dandelion seeds and big seeds, like a coconut.  We also did a science experiment using flowers, water and food dye while focusing on vocabulary, including “hypothesis” and “predictions.”

After all that testing the kiddos deserved a fun filled outing! CPS headed into Atlanta to go to the Children’s Museum. We loved all the exhibits, learning about food, science, painting, traveling and the world! All the exhibits within the museum are hands-on and multi-sensory. W enjoyed a giant ball machine- he loved the levers, screws, wheels and axles! AC enjoyed working at “Publix” and cooking at “Waffle House.” This was one of our favorite field trips!