Week of Aug 20th – Aug 24th.

We have been using The Zones of Regulation program to help identify feelings and emotions within ourselves and others. This week we explored the different zones using pictures, stories, and through movement activities. Here we are playing a game to match the emotion to the proper zone. We also used a mirror to imitate emotions from the cards.

We enjoyed a nature scavenger hunt at the park. We used a checklist to look and scan the environment for large and small items, such as a bee, web, branch, and water. We also enjoyed spending time with friends from the community to play on the playground.

We also visited our local fire station to take a survey. The children wanted to find out which treat the firefighters preferred; donuts or cookies. Donuts won! The children had a great time chatting with the firefighters while implementing their social skills and they also got a quick ride in the fire truck! It was a super exciting day!