Week of August 27th – August 31st

We continued our bowling unit this week. We worked on money skills, counting and 1:1 correspondence to count how much items may be at the bowling alley. Ms. Ansley helped us learn what we may say if a friend gets a strike, wins the game, or gets a gutter ball! At the bowling alley, we purchased bowling shoes, identifying numbers for the right shoe size. We also learned how to use the computer to type our names on the scoreboard screen. During the game, we used number recognition to read our scores during each frame. We used ramps to strategize how to knock down more pins. We also experimented with various weights of bowling ball to see which balls would go faster down the ramps. W and AC both got spares and strikes! We had a blast, and are looking forward to go to bowl again!

This week we have been working on recall of personal information, targeting phone numbers. Various methods were used including sequencing the numbers of our phone numbers, writing the numbers with proper formation, and practicing dialing on a play phone.

We love taking advantage of exploring our community. In our area, we have many beautiful parks that walking trails. We enjoyed an early morning walk to help regulate our systems, so we were more successful for learning back at school. Walking provides many benefits not just cardiovascular health and fitness, but also aids in self-regulation through visual, auditory, and proprioceptive (e.g., the input we receive from our muscles) input via the natural environment.