Week of June 11th – 15th

This week we participated in a group art class at a local craft store. We painted a picture for Father’s Day where we had to listen to directions, use fine motor skills, and our imagination! We love our Dads!

We used puzzles this week to target spelling and addition. We practiced our “touch point” method to add, and tactile and visual cues to spell words. The multi-sensory approach to learning is very beneficial to reinforce concepts we’ve been practicing throughout the school year.

We went to a new playground this week that had awesome equipment. This particular park had suspended stepping stones that W and AC loved (not to mention Kelly, the OT)! This activity targeted motor planning and grading of movements, as the stones were mobile (or “wobbly”). They also had to wait and take turns with peers, as this was a popular activity on the playground with the other children.


Fruit has been our go-to snack this summer! We enjoyed tasty fruits to make a fruit skewer. Smaller fruits were strategically picked to promote fine motor and visual motor skills. We also practiced utensil use to cut strawberries using a fork and knife. A healthy, delicious snack!

We are addressing feelings and emotions during our social skills sessions. This week we worked on identifying mad. We read the book When I Feel Angry, which helped us identify how we may feel when we’re mad and how to cope with angry feelings. AC and W completed a worksheet to help identify when they may or may not feel angry.

Today we made pizza! YUM! We went to the grocery store to pick up the needed items. Skills such as sequencing, following directions, temporal concepts, and fine motor skills were addressed. Then, we enjoyed the cheesy pizza!