Week of June 4th – 8th

This week we participated in the summer kick off at our local library. We read books with peers, had our face painted, and enjoyed a DJ named Bach to Rock. We had such a fun time celebrating the start of summer!

During our summer session, we are taking advantage of the warm weather and water! This week we visited a splash pad. W and AC LOVED the fountains and buckets! We definitely had fun in the sun!

On Thursday we went to the local cultural arts center to watch a performance by The Frisch Marionette (A Cincinnati Puppet Company). They did a wonderful rendition of the Wizard of Oz.  At school, we talked about the “scoop” of the story. S for setting, C for characters, O for order of events, O Oh no (the problem), and P for problem solved (the solution). We also completed an activity in our handwriting journal to write about what we would want if we went to Oz.


On Friday we got invited to tour a local farm – we introduced different vocabulary to AC by looking at pictures of things we might see at the farm and matching the words. Once we got to the farm, Farmer Richard showed us where the hens and roosters were kept. We heard a lot of “Cock-A-Doodle-Do” – AC thought it was hilarious! We saw hay in various stages of processing.  Farmer Richard explained how the hay is cut, fluffed, and baled.

AC brought her own fishing pole and tried catching a fish – unfortunately we had no luck. Feeding the horses was so much fun! We brought apples and carrots to feed them. It was so funny how the horses ate the food out of our hands. AC had a blast at the farm!