Week of May 7th – 18th

We are learning about weather this week in science. On Monday, we learned about what each type of weather may look or sound like, and how we may feel during different types of weather (e.g., hot, cold, happy, scared). We labeled weather pictures to cut and paste them appropriately. We also started a weather graph to keep track of the weather throughout the weeks. Sunny and clear skies have been in our forecast!

The use of a venn diagram was introduced during our science lesson to compare and contrast. We talked about words such as wet, umbrella, BBQ, beach, and rainbow to accurately place them within the diagram. The students enjoyed this activity, and it was a great way to discuss the differences between weather. We added this activity to our science journal!

AC and W enjoyed learning about weather tools, including our classroom thermometer and rain gauge. We have had plenty of rain this week, so we were able to read the measurement on the gauge!

We completed a science experiment to create a rain cloud using water, shaving cream, and food coloring. We made observations about how the “rain cloud” (shaving cream) filled with water, and then the rain fell. We also completed a worksheet to review what materials were used, and what happened during the experiment.


The Roswell Cultural Arts Center is one of our favorite local facilities for puppet shows! Before we headed to the show we enjoyed breakfast at Waffle House! 🙂 The puppet show was called Lollipops for Breakfast, and was performed by The Gottabees. They are a group from Boston are known for uniting “simple-but-elegant visual theater” (http://www.bonnie-duncan.com/). After the show we were able to talk with Bonnie, the main puppeteer and create our own finger puppet with the cast of the show. We are looking forward to more puppet shows this summer!


We practiced identifying and writing different types of punctuation marks – period, exclamation point, and question mark. Using a Handwriting Without Tears punctuation worksheet, AC and W worked on writing sentences and using punctuation marks. We also worked on a cut-and-paste activity where the students were required to read a sentence and glue the correct punctuation mark at the end of the sentence.

This week we introduced the digraph ‘WH’. AC and W worked on a ‘WH’ collage – they looked at a picture of an object and had to write the missing sound in the blank. Once they wrote ‘WH’ in the blank, we worked on sounding out the rest of the word.

We created a weather book working on drawing skills (visual-motor integration) and handwriting. The students either used images to copy from or they were able to use their imagination to draw what each type of weather looks like.

Word searches target reading and visual scanning skills. We completed a “weather word hunt” to look for words we’ve learned during science this week.


We went to All Fired Up, a local art studio where we did pottery. W and AC worked with modeling clay to create pieces of artwork. W learned how to “score and slip” to attach the wheels to his race car. AC used various tools, such as stamps, rollers, and cookie cutters. The students enjoyed getting messy, while working with their hands! They also had to identify numbers to return the paint bottle to the appropriate places. We will return in two weeks to pick up our pieces!