Week of Oct 16th – 20th

We love exploring the community, especially playing at new playgrounds! Today we were able to engage in many sensory-motor activities at the park, including components of strength, motor planning, and sensory processing. We also enjoyed running the football field to identify numbers. Touch down!


We are getting into the Fall spirit! This week we colored pumpkins and made a pumpkin mosaic. We focused on spatial concepts, such as top/bottom and left/right. Fine motor skills were also addressed to cut and tear small pieces of paper to create a pumpkin mosaic.   


Here is a glimpse into some of the fine motor activities we participate in during OT.  We are working on more refined, smaller movements which are important for daily activities such as writing, feeding, and getting dressed.


We practiced spelling words using the read-build-spell concept. They had to read the spelling word, build the word using popcorn letters and write the word while saying the letters. We love using the popcorn letters to build and spell words!

Trip To The Grocery Store – Daily Living/Social Skills

We went to the grocery store this week to buy food for our guacamole &  salsa party. Before heading to the grocery store, we had to make a grocery list; the students wrote the grocery list during handwriting. We practiced social skills by asking the grocer where a certain food item was located.

When we got back to the classroom, fine motor skills were used to open up the salsa, scoop the salsa into bowls, open the guacamole and scoop using a chip. We also practiced proper table manners too!