Week of Oct 23rd – 27th

Even though it’s still quite warm out we are getting into the Halloween spirit! In OT, we completed a copying monster activity using theraputty, googly eyes, and pipe cleaner. Skills such as bilateral coordination, hand strength, and visual spatial concepts were targeted to build different monsters.

Hand skills, such as finger isolation and strength are so important in everyday activities. We use therapeutic tools to promote these skills for improved success and participation in activities of daily living, such getting dressed (buttons, snaps, zippers), eating (opening containers, peeling an orange, etc.), and tasks for school (handwriting, cutting).  

Fall is in the air and we have been taking advantage of the beautiful weather! We went to one of our favorite local parks to complete academic and OT activities. The imagination magnets were used to copy the picture on the card. Skills targeted in this activity include scanning, visual discrimination, and visual spatial.

Our focus this week is place value. We introduced units and tens. Using Base Ten block manipulatives have helped W and AC grasp this concept. Base Ten blocks are a great math manipulative to use while teaching place value, addition and subtraction because the student can physically manipulate the blocks. As you can see W is working hard on counting the tens and unit blocks to figure out the correct number.

During a whole group science activity we made ghost slime! We worked on fine motor and math skills to follow directions and sequence the steps of the task. We also enjoyed exploring our sense of touch to feel the slime!

Today W & AC read a short story that focused on familiar and new sight words. After reading the story they worked on comprehension by answering questions about the story. They also sequenced the events of the story in order from first to last. They used the book to follow along and check their work.

We love working on fall activities during our spelling time. AC and W are working on new spelling words this week. They made a fall leaf project by writing their spelling words on yellow, red and orange leaves. This turned out so cute!