Week of Sept 25th – 29th

Here are a few of the fine motor activities we participated in this week during OT. Skills such as finger strength and isolation and motor control were targeted to improve performance for daily skills, such as dressing (e.g., buttons, fasteners, zippers).

In spelling we reviewed short vowel sounds using the interactive board and magnetic letters.  Students were encouraged to scan for the letter sounds that they heard within each letter.

Wyatt enjoyed a field trip to visit Farmer Sue at the Art Barn, located in Canton, Georgia. He had the opportunity to explore and learn about farm animals (pigs, chickens, donkeys, horses, sheep, goats), go on a hayride, and paint a picture (following directions and sequencing). It was such a fun morning at the Art Barn!

Wyatt enjoys and benefits from use of the interactive smart board to engage in academic activities. In math he participated in a connect the dots activity to work on number recognition, sequencing, and visual tracking/scanning abilities. The lycra swing was used to provide calming input to help sustain attention for task completion during a math sequencing task. Wyatt was encouraged to use his hands to walk” to find the number to complete the puzzle/picture. Another amazing task where education and therapy come together!