Week of Oct 2nd – 6th

AC and W participated in a sensory-motor task while reading this week’s sight words. They walked along the rainbow road and reached for words, targeting dynamic balance, motor planning, and sight word recognition.

One of our activities in OT this week was Flinging Chickens! Such a fun way to address finger identification and isolation!

This week we celebrated our favorite librarian, Mr. Jeffery’s, birthday. We sequenced the steps of the recipe and then baked with Ms. Erika. So many skills were addressed during this activity, including attentional skills, fine motor skills, perceptual skills, number recognition, and following directions. The cookies were a hit at the library! Click here to read more details on this activity. 


We used moon sand and stamps to sound out and spell this week’s spelling words. Using a multi-sensory approach to spelling helps with letter sound and sequence, while also having fun!  

We use the Keyboarding Without Tears program to introduce keyboard familiarity, unilateral coordination (using the left and right hands separately), tracking and scanning through fun practice and games. Our students use the Learning Without Tears program, and are familiar with the images and language. This is helpful when introducing new typing skills.

Fun Friday! We found this adorable craft activity at Target and thought it would be perfect for the children to work on.  They had a chance to decorate the classroom for Halloween while incorporating fine motor skills, spacial recognition and step by step instructions. Aren’t the pumpkins so cute!?

The kids also visited Mr Mike & Ms Kim for a fun filled lunch outing. They had a picnic lunch while working in academics including a game of corn hole while practicing weekly spelling words. Skills addressed during this activity were decoding signs, sequencing letters for appropriate spelling and eye hand coordination to throw to the target.